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This movie is SOOOO good!!!!
Reminds me of the sesh's I used to have back in the day.
Why does the chicken have a nose not a beak?!?!

bkerley123 responds:

70000 gig

Not that good...

The song is pretty funny and this is made well but this is extremely over-rated.
In your narwhals & do you have a waffle the animation was really good but the animation in this isn't that good.
You should try something else besides a repetitive music video.

Heaps good!

This movie is definitely underscored at 3.99!
Similar to Chluaid, but still shows your own style.
Didn't quite understand what happened after she was sucked into the hive thing.
Great work, keep on making more movie's like this.
Maybe try something new & different.
This and Chluaid's movies are both set in forests, hills and bright landscapes.

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Well made, too short, could've been better,

Im sorry but this is extremely over rated.
It doesn't go for very long.
The graphics are good but aren't anything special.
The story and idea was good but the story really didn't come in until you had already finished the game.

Best game on NG!

I was gonna bring back adventure platformers, probably not as good as this though.
The graphics were completely perfect apart from the super ghost guy.
I think there should have been a bit more music at some places.
Characters could have been a bit more interesting but everything else was brilliantly done.
Why is it Evermore 3? Where is Evermore 1 & 2?

Pretty ok Harrah

Who keeps on voting 5 on this?
When it's first passed it's score was around 3.9?!
A fun game. Quite simple but still enjoyable.
It ran quite slow on my computer though.

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This is quite bad.

The only part that sounded good was the background chords that came in at 0:07 which I doubt you composed yourself. The rest of it is badly composed and mixed.

Try changing the sounds and EQ of your instruments and not just using the default sounds. Also try making your song less repetitiveand not using introductions from classical pieces.

Nice work! :D

The slow, quieter beginning to the song works well. It's probably a bit too quiet at the very start. Using a change in EQ as well as a volume climb can produce a cool sound.

I thought the voice clip came in a bit unsmoothly and just seemed to be too contrasting from the rest of the music. With the glitch effects, they went out of the rhythm of the song at a few points making it sound a bit odd.

The build up the synth riffs was good and overall it is a really good song. I think some of the background sounds needed to be a bit stronger during parts. Also try and experiment with drums a bit more. Cool stuff :P


really awesome stuff. The percussion is really good. I think the synth-strings need to be a bit stronger after the you complete me part. The song is broken up really well with the voice clip and then the electronic part. It's really chill, it's been looping for quite a while now and hasn't seemed repetitive at all.

HarraH responds:

Thanks a lot dude, yeah it was a quick project really to make something chilled instead of dubstep and to yeah go back to my old ambient kinda stuff. Glad you enjoyed and glad it's not repeditive either ;)

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Your style is really great. The blood is the only thing that doesn't look right. It doesn't seem flowing enough. Really good work ;)

seems like a good idea to me

I really like the colouring and lighting you've done here. The thicker black outlines are a bit wobbly, you need to figure out a way to make them smoother.

HarraH responds:

Cheers man, yeah I'm slowly getting better at doing them smoother.


I really like this it's quite interesting and seems different from your other art but still looks like you. I really like the corner of the room with the triangles. The eye in the stairs is cool. It would be good/interesting seeing more stuff like this ;)

HarraH responds:

Remember what I was telling you about weed and drawings? Lol.

The stars, they disappear one by one with daylight, dear and yes, you're in my head but that doesn't make you here.

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