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Your style is really great. The blood is the only thing that doesn't look right. It doesn't seem flowing enough. Really good work ;)

Nautilus Nautilus

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seems like a good idea to me

I really like the colouring and lighting you've done here. The thicker black outlines are a bit wobbly, you need to figure out a way to make them smoother.

HarraH responds:

Cheers man, yeah I'm slowly getting better at doing them smoother.

The Investigative Journalist The Investigative Journalist

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I really like this it's quite interesting and seems different from your other art but still looks like you. I really like the corner of the room with the triangles. The eye in the stairs is cool. It would be good/interesting seeing more stuff like this ;)

HarraH responds:

Remember what I was telling you about weed and drawings? Lol.

Lightning in Slow Motion Lightning in Slow Motion

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Looks Awesome!

Probably a bit simple, but still good :D

Darryl Darryl

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Nice vector drawing!

Heaps good, the way you draw the little lines and dots makes it look more detailed. The arrow is a very nice touch. Darrly looks french, don't you think so?

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Funny Bunny Funny Bunny

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It looks like you've taken a photo of a toy rabbit.
If this is your first 3d work then I'd love to see the rest.

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Draculina Draculina

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needs work :D

The character is good but it looks like it should be in a flash movie not the art portal.
The moon, pumpkin and guy don't fit together at all.

You've just used an image of the moon.
The red dots or whatever they are meant to be don't have any point and get in the way of the character.
With the text you've just drawn it really messily and used the blur tool when really it you want it to seem blood like you should actually put more effort into it.
The pumpkin is terrible doesn't seem like you've tried very hard to make it good.

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Mr. Blobby's Revenge Mr. Blobby's Revenge

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Looks really good but I don't think the pink and green fits.
The pink stand out to much and doesn't really go with the character.
This would look much better if you did it on photoshop.
Keep up the good work :D

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Phobotech responds:

Well, I based it off of some UK character named "Mr. Blobby" so the design is not of my own.

Also, I totally did draw this in Photoshop. :D

Will-do! Thanks for the review!

CR: Hills CR: Hills

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Pretty good

That's quite good but you shouldn't use the line tool.
The line tool is good for working out perspectives and outlines but don't leave lines in the final product.

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Treerung responds:

Heh..I'm not much an artist so I'm still learning.
Thanks anyways

Air Elder Air Elder

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Nice work!

Nice background and texture on the tail.
The bevel filter on the body is to obvious.
And she doesn't look very old for an elder.

Ranos responds:

Thankya for your nice comment^-^

What's a bevel filter? I don't think GIMP 2 has that, and I don't use any filters on my work.