Entry #7

Stallet Posture

2010-08-25 11:10:52 by Nayhan

There are so many things I want to make, but school is really getting in the way.

I'm also thinking of making a proper album, probably of different genres but with similarities between the songs or something else linking them. If anyone has any ideas about what type of songs I should make or they would like me to make then please let me know.

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2010-08-26 23:58:11

who knew so much could happen at an old mill =] this is beautiful retro work indeed...i miss stuff like that. Hey check your old post i added a comment in hopes to make the list. If you need more stuff from me just let me know.

Nayhan responds:



2010-09-27 21:16:35

I remember that old cartoon.

Though I kinda wish Disney would make a darker cartoon one day.

Epic Mickey looked promising till I saw the gameplay. It's still somewhat childish.

I really liked "Runaway Brain"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbT7lh l9kpU

Nayhan responds:

A darker cartoon would be really cool. That one is good.


2011-01-09 13:24:35


You can stalk me there now ;)

Nayhan responds:

I will ;D ..what was wrong with HDX!?


2011-02-09 10:54:12

Hey man, nice songs.

Nayhan responds:

hey Thanks man


2011-02-27 22:11:03

okay okay!
i finally clicked them!
1: it would suck for her if it was a fat guy
2: Bwahahahhahaaaaa buttsecks!! always makes me laff!!!
3: again, poor table, and it would suck for him if it was a fat lady

yup, thats all...*vomits everywhere*
gee, thanks a ton!

Nayhan responds:

lmao ... >.>


2011-11-27 09:43:38

I flipped yo' table!

Nayhan responds:

mean... ;____;


2014-01-03 10:39:03

Happy User of the Day, NAYHAN! :3

Nayhan responds:

Thanks CatsomeHand! :3


2015-04-25 04:00:30