Good artist & animators needed!!

2009-09-11 10:44:14 by Nayhan

I am in the middle of making an adventure, platformer, puzzle game.
So far I have only done the main ground hitTests and made it so the character can move and interact with doors & talk to people. I have got the story and most of the what you'll have to do in the game worked out. This is no where near being done but I'm trying to recruit artists early so it can be released as soon as possible.

In the game you must solve puzzles and explore the different towns and areas. The story is that you find a Theatre Organ that is very old and no longer works. You must find out how to fix the different instruments of the organ and get it working again.

The game will be quite big so I am looking for artists/animators to help with:
Simple Character animations (and small animals)
Backgrounds (sky, distant hills, distant buildings)

Graphics are to be made brush tool. Animations brush tool and frame by frame.
You can use the line/penil and tween animations if it is really good.
The backgrounds can be made on any program.
For the characters and building etc. it is much easier if they are made on flash.

I will be getting the game sponsored. Each artist will get a percentage of the profit depending on how much is contributed.

If you can provide anything at all then message or e-mail me and tell me where i can see your work.



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2009-09-11 18:12:35

check your forum ;)

(Updated ) Nayhan responds:

i didn't know i had a forum but i will check it anyway


2009-09-11 18:16:26

u make music too! that`s so cool!!! it would be a honor to work with u... if u let me

Nayhan responds:

yes i do make music.
please review my music.


2009-09-12 06:04:28

if you need me for artist, PM meh ..

Nayhan responds:

ok then i'll, PM yeh.... if i need an artist


2009-10-11 06:52:05

You want me to maik treeeees? xDDD

(Updated ) Nayhan responds:

That'd be good :D I will plant them around my bed.


2009-10-11 06:55:30

Is this the character you were talking about? It doesn't really seem that similar :c

Nayhan responds:

No, I've only drawn 1 maybe 2 sketches of the character I think is similar.


2009-11-04 01:17:51

wow that's way cool

Nayhan responds:

Thank-you YoinK...