Nayhan's Programming Examples

2009-03-30 06:53:20 by Nayhan

A basic unrefined car enginet. Probably has a few bugs somewhere but it's pretty fun.
Controls = a,d or left & right - turn, w or up - accelerate,
More Controls = s or down - brake, r - reverse, Space - drift

Character's by KamikazePanda.
Controls = awd or Arrow Keys - move, z,x,c or j,k,l - attack, i & o - camera

A turret shooter type thing with scripted particle effects. Simple enemies are just so there's something to shoot. Change between four different turrets -Ignore the link...
Controls: Mouse - aim, A & D - change turret

Must touch all yellow pads before going to the green pad to complete the level. Blue pads are checkpoints they are currently useless because there are no enemies. All levels made with arrays.
Controls = w,a,s,d

Please leave feedback or PM me if anyone is looking for an AS programmer.
note: all examples changed - 9th Nov 2010


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2009-03-30 09:50:19

Great! The platformer engine is cool. Iv'e been searching for an engine were you are able to not just walk horizontally and in your engine is great! I hop you understand what I mean. (English is my second language). See you bro!

Nayhan responds:

By 'not just walk horizontally' do you mean also jump??
Yes it is pretty good. I'm hoping to make something really good with it!


2010-06-13 13:48:16

All three of your games are pretty great, even though they're unfinished they still had fluid animations, great controls, and they weren't that bad in the art department either.

Keep up the good work.

(Updated ) Nayhan responds:

Thanks man, if only I still had these and had done something with them. I should probably upload some new stuff soon.